Have Your Floors Sparkling Clean

Hire us for commercial floor cleaning services in Burton & Flint, MI

No areas in your business go through more wear and tear than your floors. That's why it's important to regularly take care of them. ClearView Building Maintenance Inc. provides commercial floor cleaning and refinishing services in Burton & Flint, MI.

Our commercial floor cleaning services include:

  • Cleaning grout and ceramic tile flooring
  • Cleaning luxury vinyl tile flooring
  • Cleaning epoxy coated flooring
  • Strip and refinish vinyl composition tile

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Top signs you need floor refinishing

The look of your business is just as important as the operation of it. If your floors have seen better days, it can greatly affect your business. You should reach out to us for commercial floor refinishing if:

  • Your floor has heavy soil load buildup
  • Your floor is discolored
  • Your floor is worn down in certain areas

Call 810-736-8040 to set up a free consultation today.